Illustration Credits

Editor’s note:

All illustrations were commissioned or selected by David Fleming, and are wood engravings except where noted.

Engravings labelled “From Brett” below are reproduced from Simon Brett’s An Engraver’s Globe: Wood Engraving in the Twenty-first Century (Primrose Hill Press, 2002), with his permission. I owe Simon great thanks for the invaluable assistance provided in tracing the artists and works in Lean Logic.  Fleming’s notes recorded his communication with the artists, and extensive efforts were made to inform the artists or their estates, and to check their permission.

Note that a few of the images listed below from Lean Logic are not included in, as we were unable to confirm permission for this.


Front cover (of book) Conrad Gesner (1551), see “Hippopotamus” entry and illustration credit below.
Dedication Howard Phipps. Figure in a Landscape.
Ad Hominem François Maréchal. Voyeur. From Brett.
Begging the Question Cyril Bouda. Autumn.
Big Stick, The Chris Daunt. The Big Stick.
Butterfly Effect Sarah van Niekerk. Lioness.
Butterfly Effect Anne Hayward. Butterfly.
Cant Anne Hayward. Wolf Granny.
Cant Harry Brockway. Wolf Granny. Drawing.
Causes Julia Mavrogordato. Autumn Morning.
Climate Change Norman Janes (1935). Coke Ovens. From James Hamilton (1994), Wood Engravings and the Woodcut in Britain 1890–1990, p 130.
Climate Change Maria Bushra Elvorith. Leaf (specimen). Gift to author.
Commons, The Vivien Gribble. Tail-Piece.
Courtesy Howard Phipps. The River Alde.
Disconnection Pam Pebworth. Boat Coming To Shore.
Division George Tute. Marsh Mouse.
Ecology Thomas Bewick. The Scarecrow.
Empowerment Hilary Paynter. A Seed Growing Secretly. From Gwasg Gregynog’s The Texture of the Universe. Used with their kind permission.
Energy Prospects John Watson. Robin’s Castle.
Eroticism Eric Gill. Ibi Dabo Tibi.
Expertise Gwen Raverat. Ploughing. From Rosemary Davidson, ed. (2003), Gwen Raverat: Wood Engravings of Cambridge and Surroundings, p 75.
False Analogy  John Lawrence. Mouse. From Brett.
False Consistency Christopher Cunliffe. Skylark. From Brett.
Food Prospects Christopher White. Cultivating Biofuels. Cartoon.
Gaia Christopher White. Daisyworld. Drawing.
Hippopotamus Conrad Gesner (1551), in C. Froschauer, Animalium, Zürich. Reproduced in Gaston Duchet Sucheux and Michel Pastoureau (2002), Le Bestiaire Medieval: Dictionnaire historique and bibliographique, Paris: Le Léopard d’Or.
Home Howard Phipps. Cottage Interior.
Humility Andy English. Ratty and Mole.
Identity Howard Phipps. Figure in a Landscape.
Ideology Cross of the Knights Templar. Graphic.
Incrementalism Patrick Geddes (1889). An Opossum Carrying its Young on its Back. Drawing. From Patrick Geddes and John Arthur Thomson (1889), The Evolution of Sex.
Innocence Kathleen Lindsley. March Hare.
Instrumentalism Frank Martin. Kantharos. From Brett.
Internal Evidence Reynolds Stone (c.1930). Calf. From James Hamilton (1994), Wood Engravings and the Woodcut in Britain 1890–1990, p 154.
Ironic Space Simon Brett. Noli Me Tangere.
Land Rosalind Atkins. Cypress, Mt Noorat. From Brett.
Lean Education Shirley Smith. Wheel and Sledgehammer.
Lean Food Edward Stamp. Winter Landscape.
Lean Food Vivien Gribble. Whitfield.
Lean Food Christopher Wormell. Cock. From Brett.
Lean Food John Morley. Moving the Bell Jars. From Brett.
Lean Health Anne Hayward. Five a Day.
Lean Law and Order Harry Brockway. Hue and Cry.
Lean Materials Anne Hayward. Mending.
Metamorphosis Albrecht Dürer (1515). Rhinoceros.
Modularity Sarah van Niekerk. Herd of Antelope.
Multiculturalism Chris Daunt. Candles.
Needs and Wants Edward Stamp. Jackdaw.
New Domestication Sarah van Niekerk. Boar.
Paradigm Herringbone pattern as described in Arthur Koestler (1967), The Ghost in the Machine, chapter 12.
Peasant Sue Scullard. Candleford Green. From the Folio Society’s edition of Lark Rise to Candleford. Used with their kind permission.
Pharisee, The Chris Daunt. Mandolin.
Place Sue Scullard. English Village.
Play Sue Scullard. Country Playtime. From the Folio Society’s edition of Lark Rise to Candleford. Used with their kind permission.
Rationalism John Lawrence. Devil. From Brett.
Reflection Christopher White. Reflection. Drawing.
Relevance Simon Brett. Balinese water temples.
Religion Henno Arrak. Old Wooden Church on Ruhnu. From Brett.
Responsibility Sarah van Niekerk. Lion.
Shifting Ground Harry Brockway. Shifting Ground.
Slippery Slope Harry Brockway. The Slippery Slope.
Social City Ebenezer Howard (1898). Detail of Garden City. Drawing.
Social City Ebenezer Howard (1898). Cluster of Garden Cities. Drawing.
Social City Ebenezer Howard (1898). Garden City in Local Setting. Drawing.
Straw Man Chris Daunt. Straw Man.
Straw Man Gregory Lago. Straw Man. From Brett.
Tao Tao. Graphic.
Tradition Anne Hayward. Leaves.
Unfalsifiability Chris Daunt. Scientist with Cucumbers.